In Progress

Slack notifications add-on.

Paid support add-on (WooCommerce).

Emails add-on: convert emails to tickets and reply to tickets directly through email.

Near Future

Elementor blocks for smoother integration.

Ticket To-do lists add-on.

Account notes add-on: like ticket notes but visible in every ticket by the same user, for details that you need to remember about the customer that are not ticket specific.

Registration form custom fields add-on.

Guest tickets add-on.

Category notice: like custom fields, a notice is shown when you select a specific product/category in the ticket creation form.


Automated replies add-on: send automated responses based on keywords found in the support ticket.

Satisfaction survey add-on.

Public tickets add-on.

Pushbullet notifications add-on.

FAQ add-on.

Documentation add-on.

File upload thumbnails

More built-in templates.


Shortcodes for better integration.


WooCommerce License Manager integration add-on.

Add categories to canned responses.

Google reCAPTCHA integration: the option to replace the built-in captcha with reCAPTCHA.

Import/export plugin data.

Frontend and dashboard notices.